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Partsmaster™ is the leader in products for Maintenance & Repair The best kept secret in the MRO industry.

Partsmaster™ patented Cryophase™ treatment process permeates the tool and realigns the structure. Our tools cut faster, last longer, and have higher torsion strength with increased flexibility.
The Partsmaster™ innovative tool line offers a diverse mix of wrenches, screwdrivers, air tools, and more. It’s everything the maintenance professional requires for all their repair needs.
We carry a full line of technologically advanced maintenance chemicals, including adhesives, sealants, penetrants, protectants, degreasers, lubricants, cutting fluids, and a growing Eco-attentive line.
Our state-of-the-art coatings and compounds help extend the service life of equipment such as pumps, chutes, feeders and belts, and increases performance in asphalt and concrete repair applications.
Trust-X® represents high productivity solutions for cutting, grinding, blending, cleaning, buffing or polishing, and improves efficiency for all your metal removal and surface finishing work.
X-Ergon™ has welding products for every process used in maintenance welding, including stick, MIG, TIG, flux core, brazing, and soldering. Our products are designed with the maintenance welder in mind.
We help grow your business by removing the worry of inventory management. We replenish and provide you the tools and accessories you need to keep your business operating at maximum efficiency.
Partsmaster™ offers a wide selection of electrical and fleet maintenance products including a variety of terminals, plugs, connectors, bulbs, battery hardware, fuses, circuit breakers, and more.

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Customer Support

Our customer support staff are the best in the industry. For order status, more information, or general questions call today (800)336-0450. Let us know how we are doing. Please take our Customer Satisfaction survey!

SDS Sheets

Safety data sheets for products sold by Partsmaster are important and provide comprehensive information. Find our product SDS sheets here.

Save Time & Money

We solve problems for our customers and help reduce total cost of ownership. Our products are unique and will save you time and money.

Shining Stars 

Your Partsmaster Sales Representative not only take orders but can expertly guide you in selecting the perfect product or solution to fit your needs.

Solutions for Any Weather, Any Time

Whether you need an anti-icing agent or a concrete repair solution that cures fast in 100 degree heat, we have solutions for every occasion.


Utilizing the latest technology, a Partsmaster Sales Representative can quickly enter an order, access online catalogs via iPhone and Android apps, and help you find the right product or solution for your business.

Who We Are

Partsmaster was born in 1968 as a division of NCH Corporation, a leading provider of industrial goods since 1919. Partsmaster offers thousands of solutions through numerous product lines developed especially for maintenance, repair and operations applications.

We take care of our customers and you can count on us to meet all of your MRO needs. Contact us or your friendly local sales rep, we have the experience and expertise to solve your problems.

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