About Partsmaster

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Partsmaster, a premier MRO solutions company dedicated to making its customers’ work easier, was established in 1968 as a division of NCH Corporation, a leading provider of industrial goods since 1919.  Our exclusive brands offer intelligent solutions, from innovative cryo-treated cutting tools to durable concrete repair compounds. Combined with our sales and service commitment, Partsmaster is your knowledgeable, strategic partner that understands your business needs and always takes care of you. We work hard to build relationships with each customer, and believe in doing whatever it takes to make your work easier!

More About Our Brands

The Cryotool® line has been proven to dramatically outperform non- cryo-treated cutting tools. Partsmaster's patented, computer- controlled Cryophase™ process permeates the tool and realigns the molecular structure. This creates tools that cut longer, have greater torsion strength and greater flexibility.

Dyna Systems® extensive fastener line includes our exclusive Made in America premium bolt, general Grade 8 and Grade 5 bolts, stainless steel, and metric. Our Parts and Hardware systems provide on site, user-friendly storage for everything needed to maintain or repair equipment or fixtures.

Trust-X™ represents high productivity abrasives that help improve the efficiency of your working environment. Whether in grinding, cutting, blending, buffing, or polishing, we provide performance-based solutions for all your metal removal and surface finishing needs.

Mega Metal® Systems are polymer matrix compounds designed to extend the service life of equipment used in today's industries, such as pumps, chutes, feeders and belts. These special coatings incorporate state-of-the-art polymer technology, utilizing ceramics and other materials that increase performance in the toughest applications.

X-Ergon™ alloys are designed with the maintenance welder in mind. The special Chem-a-tized2™ flux coatings provide superior operability and improved properties in the weld deposit, making X-Ergon alloys "The Welders™ Choice" of welding electrodes.

Partsmaster & NCH History

NCH 1919-1960

In 1919, Milton P. Levy Sr. began the National Disinfectant Company, offering just six products. By 1947 sales had reached $300,000 and in 1960 the company name officially changed to National Chemsearch and began expanding worldwide.

Partsmaster 1968-1973

In 1968, the Partsmaster division of Chemsearch was founded and Dyna Systems was established. The X-Ergon division of Partsmaster was founded in 1973.

NCH 1978

National Chemsearch's sales volume reached $200 million and the company name was changed to NCH to reflect the increasing diversity of its product lines and services.

Partsmaster 1980-1997

In 1980, Trust-X brand was trademarked as a Partsmaster product line and later developed into a comprehensive abrasive line. Another milestone was reached in 1983 when the Mega Metal brand was trademarked for Partsmaster's state-of-the-art polymer repair compounds. The Partsmaster Distributor and National Account Programs were launched in 1993 with a client base that included America's premier corporate accounts. Partsmaster then became one of the first MRO suppliers to be approved for ISO 9002 certification in 1994. Our extremely successful cryo-treatment program was the first of its kind in 1997 for an MRO supplier.

NCH/Partsmaster 1998-2002

In 1998, NCH reached annual sales of more than $784 million. The Dyna Systems, X-Ergon and Reliance brands were consolidated into Partsmaster.