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Mini FIles: How to Repair a Damaged Keyway

Mini FIles: How to Repair a Damaged Keyway

Metal burrs can prevent two mating components from reassembly. Burrs form during normal equipment operation and commonly occur at the following connection points: woodruff keyways, spline connections, smooth and threaded shaft ends, drift pin ends, compression pin shaft openings, metal tubes, grommet holes, dog point connections, and many others. These burrs can be hard to access and, therefore, hard to remove.

Aircraft Maintenance Success Story
An aircraft mechanic had a 6 splined 540 RPM drive shaft that had damage to the female side spline and wouldn’t mate with the gear box. Torque had actually mushroomed and burred it out a bit. Having a quality needle file set handy enabled this mechanic to return this part to service quickly. Partsmaster Iron Claw™ Interchangeable Mini File Set allowed him to easily access the damage and work the problem areas down within a matter of minutes.

How the Interchangeable Mini File Set made the Difference
This ergonomic mini file set includes a Quick Connect handle designed to reduce hand fatigue and provide better user control. The set also includes rotating end caps enabling easy palm or fingertip control. Standard file tool sets can be bulky and hard to store, but the Partsmaster Iron Claw Interchangeable Mini File Tool Set is designed with the mechanic in mind by including eight mini file styles each with 4-1/4″ long file blades to easily access tight spaces.

Blade styles include:

  • Round file for sharpening chain saw blades and deburring inner burrs in small diameter metal tubes
  • Oval file for sharpening chain saw blades and removing inner burrs in small diameter metal tubes
  • Flat file to deburr straight edges; blade has blunt end the full width of the file
  • Flat point file to deburr straight edges; blade has a tapered, narrower blunt end
  • Triangular file to deburr male threads and removed hardened threadlocker adhesive
  • Barrett file has an obtuse triangle cross section where the longest side is flat with a smooth finish to prevent unwanted scratching. It is used to sharpen Japanese handsaw teeth and access small angles
  • Feather edge file has a diamond shape cross section where all four sides cut. It enables access to finish small angle corners
  • Crossing file to remove inner burrs in larger metal tubes and deburr compression or dowel pin openings

The Partsmaster Iron Claw Interchangeable Ergo Mini File Assortment even includes a rugged pouch that provides greater organization, easy storage and transport.


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