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Abrasives: Cutting Sheet Metal Contours With EZ Glide Cut-Off Wheel

Abrasives: Cutting Sheet Metal Contours With EZ Glide Cut-Off Wheel

Working with sheet metal can be a very difficult and dangerous task, especially when not using the best equipment for the job. Cutting sheet metal contours can be even more dangerous even to experienced workers. Recently, a worker, while cutting sheet metal, tried to contour a cut slightly and the cut-off wheel shattered and injured him. After that incident, no one else wanted to use cut-off wheels again, so they often had to refer to less efficient methods of cutting sheet metal, angle iron, and flat stock.

While right angle grinders and cut-off wheels are effective means of cutting metal, operators must be extremely careful not to flex the cut-off wheel. If the operator is not careful, flexing the cut-off wheel can cause wheels to abruptly bind into the slot and violently kick out. This is the most common cause of cut-off wheels shattering.

In order to increase safety in the workplace, Partsmaster has introduced EZ Glide, the cut-off wheel that resists the binding and kicking that causes shattering. EZ Glide wheels are much safer than the traditional flat cut-off wheels. Its patented Taper-Cut design enables broad contoured cuts in sheet metal without binding commonly caused from raising and lowering the grinder. The EZ Glide’s taper-cut design also enables better handling as well as straighter and deeper cuts.

Application Steps

When using any cut-off wheel, it is important to always closely follow manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any potential accidents. In the case of EZ Glide, here is a list of basic characteristics that will help you achieve the best use.

  • Always use approved guard, consult safety data sheets and wear prescribed eye, face, and hand protection before using any grinder based abrasive product.
  • Because the Taper-Cut design has a wide edge, the wheel feels bulky at the start of the cut, but once in the groove, the wheel glides smoothly.
  • EZ Glide can be used to plunge cut or can start from the edge of the metal.
  • Cutting broad contours requires the sheet metal to be properly secured to prevent vibration while cutting, as vibrating sheet metal can over stress the wheel and shorten the life span.

EZ Glide Cut-Off Wheels, by Partsmaster, are double reinforced for safety, but can still shatter if over stressed or misused. Its Taper-Cut, patented design will keep the sides of the wheel from rubbing the sides of the slot, offering greater protection and safety than conventional flat wheels. Also, it provides greater protection when making difficult deep cuts and enables users to make broad contour cuts in sheet metal.

Overall, EZ Glide Cut-Off Wheels are an excellent product that provides users greater control and improves safety over conventional flat wheels.


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