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Welding: Avoid Burning Through Stainless Steel With Stain-Plus Easy Down

Welding: Avoid Burning Through Stainless Steel With Stain-Plus Easy Down

In many areas, parts fabricated of stainless steel are used mainly for corrosion protection. Maintenance on these parts can be very challenging and expensive. Welding distortion control and the cost of materials are a couple of issues that most maintenance groups in the food and beverage plants face when welding stainless steel.

While this alloy is not a hard metal to weld, it does require a quality welding electrode to get the desired results. Light gauge materials leave little room for heat build-up in weld repairs without burning thought the parts. As a result, maintenance becomes more time consuming and much more expensive.

As a solution to these challenges, Partsmaster™ has created Stain-Plus™ Easy Down, the all-position stainless steel welding alloy. This highly effective alloy was specifically designed for just such applications. Virtually any welder can use this electrode and make quick, dependable, and secure repairs with less chance of material damage or loss.

Features and Benefits

  • Controlled penetration – softer arc minimizes weld spatter and virtually eliminates burn-though on thin materials.
  • Time saving – vertical down welding increases welding speed by 50%.
  • Minimum distortion – less heat input reduces the risk of distortion on thin gauge stainless.
  • Excellent arc stability even on AC.
  • Superior all-position characteristics.
  • Designed to weld most 200 and 300 series stainless steel.

Additional Applications:

  • Dairies
  • Food Processing
  • Chemical Plants
  • Tank Trucks
  • Beverage Plants
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Refineries
  • Fertilizer Applicators
  • Power Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Grounds Maintenance

Stain-Plus™ Easy Down is one of many products from Partsmaster that provides an easy and cost effective solution to stainless steel welding. It is proven to help maintenance groups increase welding speed by 50%, while allowing virtually any skill-level welder to quickly make dependable and secure repairs with a lesser chance of accidental material damage.



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