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Mega: Facility Maintenance Group Saves Hundreds

Mega: Facility Maintenance Group Saves Hundreds

A facility maintenance group started looking for an alternate solution to a problem that was costing the company, both in time and money. The problem they were encountering was the short service life of anti-slip tape being used on wet, slippery aluminum decks and rungs on scissor lifts.

By using common anti-slip tape, the company was forced to replace the worn-out tape after 3 to 6 months. This expensive, ineffective tape had to be completely removed and replaced. This process, on average, was taking up to 30 minutes for each 2” x 8’ strip of tape that needed to be hand scraped.

After using other similar tapes, and achieving the same results, the maintenance group turned to Mega-Stripe SR, the durable, abrasion resistant, slip-resistant polymer by Parstmaster. The results were overwhelming. Six months after they applied Mega-Stripe SR to aluminum decks and steps, inspection results reported very little wear. Based on these results, it was determined that the potential service life was 2–3 years, resulting in substantial savings for the company.

Cost Saving Summary

Original Repair Procedures and Results:

The 8’ 3” x 3’ 8” aluminum platform deck and steps has approximately 2” x 50’ of striping. Typically, 2” x 60’ of heavy duty slip resistant tape ranges from $45 – $115. Initial installation product cost + 1 hr. labor = $75 – $145. The average service life of the anti-slip strips of tape at this company is 3-6 months (4.5 avg.). Annually, that equates to 8 hours of labor and $120 – $306 product cost.

Annual Cost Using Anti-Slip Tape: $360 – $546
Potential 3 Year Cost Using Anti-Slip Tape: $1,080 – $1,638

The 8’ 3” x 3’ 8” aluminum platform deck and steps has approximately 2” x 50’ of striping. Product cost (less than 2 tubes of Mega-Stripe SR and 100’ of line mask tape) + 2 hr. labor = $265 project cost. The potential service life is 2-3 years.PartsMaster Products Repair Procedures and Results:

Annual Cost Using Mega-Stripe SR: $265
Potential 3 Year Cost Using Mega-Stripe SR: $265

Potential 3-Year Savings: $815 – $1,373Potential 1st Year Savings: $95 – $281

Mega-Stripe SR Application Steps

Surface Preparation: For metal, abrade and degrease. For concrete, tile, brick, and stone degreased chemically will suffice.

Layout: Only use Mega-Stripe Line Mask Tape to layout desired stripe thickness and pattern.

Applying Mega-Stripe SR: Deposit a thin bead between the tapes. Use a flexible metal putty knife angled 45 degrees in the direction of travel. Press firmly, as a 1/16” thin deposit is more slip resistant than a thicker deposit. Remove the line mask tape immediately after the deposit is applied before it starts to set.

Expected Line Length/Tube (will be shorter if deposit is thicker than .045”):

  • 1/2” wide – Up to 120’
  • 1” wide – Up to 60’

Mega-Stripe SR, one of many products by Partsmaster, provided an easy and cost effective solution to the facility maintenance group. Not only was the product lower in cost, but it also reduced the frequency in which the tape needed to be replaced. By replacing anti-slip tape with Mega-Stripe SR the group potentially can save up to $1,373 in 3 years.


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