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Mega: Wear-flex Xpress Invaluable to Construction Company for Protecting Flatbed Decks

Mega: Wear-flex Xpress Invaluable to Construction Company for Protecting Flatbed Decks

A construction company in the Texas Coast area, like many other across the country, faced a high-cost, time-consuming issue with hardwood decks on some of their vehicles. Unprotected hardwood decks on flatbeds and lowboys (long flat trailers that haul earthmoving equipment) was constantly being worn from equipment being dragged repeatedly across decks. Also, the company’s flatbeds and lowboys were suffering further deterioration from excessive exposure to the sun, salt, sand, dirt, equipment fluids, and water.

Like most companies, they recurred to primer and paint in an attempt to protect their hardwood decks from the elements and against equipment wear. This solution not only had a short life-span, but was also very ineffective. As a result, they had to replace the wooden deck planks on a regular basis costing the company time and money.

Being introduced to Wear-Flex Xpress has proven to be invaluable to this construction company. By simply spraying a layer of Wear-Flex Xpress on the wood, they have increased the life span of their hardwood decks on all of their flatbeds and lowboys. The layer of Wear-Flex Xpress applied to the hardwood is not only tough, and resistant to puncture and wear, but also the bond is not weakened by expansion or contraction.

The company was able to save both time and money by reducing the number of times the hardwood decks needed to be replaced, and by reducing the time the vehicles were unavailable due to maintenance. Because Wear Flex Xpress can be applied fast and easily, the flatbeds and lowboys were service ready in minutes.

Wear-Flex XPress is tough, wear and puncture resistant that bonds and protects most materials including bare or painted metal, wood, plastic, concrete, rubber and much more. Wear-Flex XPress is flexible, durable, corrosion and moisture resistant and sets in seconds, even in cold weather!

Directions to Ensure Maximum Results

Surface Preparation: Wood must be clean and dry before applying Wear-Flex Xpress. Heavy oil spots must be thoroughly solvent cleaned. Brand new, pressure treated wood must be seasoned, as it is soaking wet and excessive shrinking occurs during the first months.

Bonding Agent: Wood must first be pretreated with Wear-Flex Xpress Bonding agent. Wear nitrile gloves. Use a wet, thin cotton cloth or stiff bristle to apply a super thin coating to the surface. Allow time to FULLY dry.

Masking and Overspray: Masking can be accomplished with masking tape and newspaper or poly sheets. Critical adge lines can be achieved using Wire Cut Tape.

Compressor Requirements: Minimum output 10ft³/Min (10 CFM) @ 90psi. Compressor air must be oil-free (no in-line oilers or previously oiled air lines or hoses) and the air must be dry. The Wear-Flex Xpress Spray Gun is available for purchase or rental.



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