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Welding: Landfill Compactor Wheel Service With Max-Abrade SD

Welding: Landfill Compactor Wheel Service With Max-Abrade SD

Americans are generating more solid waste than ever before. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in 2013, Americans generated 254 million tons of trash. These massive numbers have caused the need for landfills to grow in size and in number. This, in consequence, has brought about other changes; more equipment is needed and this equipment is operating for longer hours.

One of the most important pieces of equipment is the landfill compactor vehicle, whose steel wheels shred, tear, and press together waste. The daily grind of material wearing on the wheels of the landfill compactors causes expensive rebuilding and repairs during maintenance cycles.

Fortunately for one large heavy equipment repair shop, they have discovered that they can increase service life cycle and reduce maintenance repair downtime by hard-facing critical wear areas on the wheels of these compactors even before putting them into service during unit overhauls. The solution? Max-Abrade™ SD by PartsMaster™.

By applying Max-Abrade™ SD to these critical areas, they have decreased downtime while increasing the life of these costly wheel units. The shop now hard-faces the most common wear areas on the wheels with Max-Abrade™ SD when they replace them, even if they are new.

Max-Abrade™ SD is a hard-facing alloy using elements traditionally found in super alloys. These alloys form complex carbides that exhibit excellent wear and moderate impact resistance. This combination, coupled with special stabilizers, makes it ideal for hard-facing in all-positions.

Max-Abrade™ SD features and benefits

Some of the features and benefits of Max-Abrade™ SD are:

  1. Extreme Abrasion Resistance – Its high concentration of complex-carbides create a long wear life.
  2. Superior Weldability – Its smooth, quiet arc makes it easier to run than a 7018.
  3. Usability in All-Positions – The 1/4″ electrode runs smoothly in all positions, including overhead.
  4. Lower Amperage Operation – This reduces base metal dilution to produce longer wearing deposits.
  5. 96% Deposit Efficiency – This is almost twice as much metal deposited than a regular electrode.

Max-Abrade™ SD was easily applied by using the Wear-X Selector Guide in the X-Ergon Welding catalog to select the appropriate pattern, and following the instructions on the label. In areas of excessive wear, a maximum of two passes were used to rebuild the required profile.

Because of the effectiveness of Max-Abrade™ SD in increasing the life cycle of wheels and reducing cost and downtime due to repairs during maintenance cycles, the shop now applies it to other important equipment parts. These parts include Crusher Liners, Crusher Drums, Auger Flights, Bulldozer Arms and Blades, Shovel Buckets, and more.



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