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Mega: How to use Mega-Crete Concrete Repair Compound

Mega: How to use Mega-Crete Concrete Repair Compound

Below are the steps for preparing and using our Mega-Crete repair compound to repair damaged concrete. Please contact your local sales rep for more details and purchasing options.

  1. Cut a key or grind a shelf 1/2” deep all the way around the damaged concrete using a Ninja™ universal cutting disk from Partsmaster.
  2. Remove any damaged or loose concrete by grinding it away and create a hole at least ¼ inch in depth.
  3. Grind or sand steel edge guards clean and free of rust and paint.
  4. If needed, coat exposed, rusted rebar & I-beams with Salvage™ II rust encapsulator and allow it a couple hours to set.
  5. Mix and apply Mega-Primer™ Fast Cure primer liberally onto the concrete and allow setting until tacky.
  6. Mix Mega-Crete repair compound into a mortar-like consistency and pour into the repair area.
  7. At 72°F, Mega-Crete compound requires around 60-72 hours for a full cure. For faster return-to-service times, try Mega-Crete Slurry II Mega-Crete Fast Cure concrete repair compounds.


  • It only requires minimal preparation, which means less workers are needed for the actual repair
  • It’s easy and quick to apply on the damaged area
  • Compared to a regular concrete, it’s six times more abrasion resistant
  • It effectively bonds with steel and concrete for a more lasting repair
  • Mega-Crete is also proven to be four times much stronger than concrete, so it can handle the stress caused by road vehicles coming in and out of a facility



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