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Sockets: How to Remove a Rusted and Rounded Bolt

Sockets: How to Remove a Rusted and Rounded Bolt

Removing frozen bolts can become extremely difficult, especially when the hex heads get rounded and standard sockets and wrenches slip.

Power Plant Maintenance Success Story
During a scheduled outage at a power plant, crews encountered three frozen 5/8″-11 X 3″ hex head cap screws on a coal conveyance structure and were unable to remove the bolts using box end wrenches, standard sockets, or impact sockets. Using Partsmaster™ Cross-Over sockets, all three frozen bolts were removed with an air impact wrench. Cross-Over thin wall impact sockets have a patented interior wall design that engages tightly to damaged or up to 70% rounded bolt heads ensuring bolt removal.* These thin walled sockets reduce socket weight fatigue and improve access into small areas. Using the Partsmaster Cross-Over impact socket set saves this power plant time, money AND frustration.

How Partsmaster Cross-Over Sockets made the Difference
Partsmaster Cross-Over sockets break the barrier between standard and impact sockets. Why settle for a standard impact socket when the Cross-Over sockets work on both air ratchet OR standard drivers? Remove rusted/rounded/frozen or even undamaged bolts with ease.

Manufacturing these sockets from chrome-moly tool steel provides maximum toughness and durability and enables Partsmaster to offer these incredible tools with a lifetime warranty against breakage. All Cross-Over sockets readily attach to drivers using a spring-loaded friction ball as the connection. 3/4″ drive Cross-Over sockets can also attach to drivers using either a Pin & O-Ring or a Retaining Ring Pin device.

Partsmaster Cross-Over Socket System offers sets that easily replace both SAE and metric impact socket and standard-drive socket sets. They are available in 3/8″ drive from 5/16″ to 7/8″ or 10mm to 19mm and 1/2″ drive from 3/8″ to 1-1/2″ or 10mm to 19mm. The 3/4″ drive Cross-Over sockets are available in standard and deep well designs from 3/4″ to 2″.

*Patented feature only available on 3/8″ drive crossover sockets up to 7/8″ and 1/2″ drive up to 15/16″.


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