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3 Reasons You Should Be Using A Hot Water Parts Washer


You may have heard about the benefits of hot water in comparison to cold water - especially if you were taught to wash dishes or clothes.

It turns out that everything you were taught is true, hot water does a better job getting things clean.

Most of the arguments in favor of washing in cold water include economical reasoning since it takes less energy and costs less money if you forgo heat.

The hot verse cold debate can also apply to parts washing. The benefits of using hot water in your parts washer include:  

1. It keeps the pressure on

Most cold-water systems for parts washing use lower amounts of pressure.

The most common of these is a flow-through brush design. The problem with this system is that it does not use enough force to properly remove all the greases, oils and hydrocarbon products on your parts.

These types of machines operate at a lower pressure because they were designed to work as a solvent-based machine.

You do not want high pressure when using a solvent because you don't want the risk of splashing everywhere. 


2. It kills almost all of the bacteria 

Hot water will kill those tiny bacterial microorganisms that manage to find a home in dirty equipment. Coldwater will not break down bacteria as well as hot water can.

Most of the detergents used for parts washing are also more effective in elevated temperatures. 


3. It takes everything off the top 

Even after scrubbing with a flow-through brush, some grease is going to be left behind when using cold water.

It takes about 100 - 100 degrees to really get hydrocarbon or petroleum products to turn loose from the material they are attached to.

Heated water has faster-moving particles - it does a better job at dissolving grease and oil, which are then thoroughly removed with pressure. 

The Torrent typically runs as 131 degrees, which is well above the temperature threshold needed to break down all the various contaminants.

The intense heat makes the cleaning agents more effective to compound the overall efficiency of parts cleaning.

The unique combination of heat, water and pressure is a huge reason why the Torrent cleans five times better and faster than other machines.

The Torrent is safer and more environmentally-friendly than other solvent-based cleaners.