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Save Time & Money with Partsmaster's Drill Bits


Many people may not be familiar with Cryogenics, but Partsmaster has adopted these techniques to treat tools, making them longer lasting and more durable.


Our patented, computer-controlled Cryophase™ treatment process permeates the tool and realigns the structure.

This creates a tool that cuts longer and has higher torsion strength and increased flexibility.

More importantly, the Cryophase process greatly extends tool life.

Do you find yourself constantly replacing tools after they have been used for a while or have broken because they can’t sustain the force used to complete a job?

After a while, the cost adds up. Save yourself time and money by checking out Partsmaster’s cryo-treated drill bits.

The design is safer, in that once used the tip never gets that hot, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself.

This can decrease workplace injury.

The drill bits are able to cut through screws without a centerpunch, which demonstrates the intense cutting power of the bits.

Get the job done right with Partsmaster; check it out for yourself!