Press Release

Introducing the Torrent 700

January 16, 2020

Maintenance, repair, and operations solutions provider Partsmaster announces the launch of the Torrent 700, a fast and safe water-based parts washing machine that will clean dirty parts in under 1 minute.


The Torrent 700 is the second unit in the parts washing line, following the Torrent 500 which Partsmaster launched in 2012.

According to our President, David Weiss, "Our company revolutionized the parts washing industry when we invented the Torrent. We take great pride in enabling our customers to do their jobs in a safer and faster way and we are proud to have over 10,000 torrent customers worldwide."

The primary difference between the units is size, weight and sink capacity.

The Torrent 500 is 89 inches tall, with the lid open and holds up to 110 lbs. in the sink tray and fits items that are 28.5"W x 24"L x 24"H.

The Torrent 700 is 92 inches tall, with the lid open and holds up to 250 lbs. and fits items that are 51"W x 30"L x 24"H. 

Rob Free, the Marketing Manager for Parts Cleaning adds, "The Torrent 700 has a rotating turntable in the base of the machine for your heavier parts.

A 100 or 200 lb. part can be challenging to hold and clean at the same time, so the turntable allows the user to rotate the part, while spraying off the dirt and grime."

On the inside of the machine, there is a magnet for the nozzle and air gun, allowing these parts to be kept out of the way while working in the shop.

The soap used is biodegradable and not hazardous, which helps the environment as opposed to the chemicals that are typically used in other machines. 

The Torrent 700 uses high-pressure water-based cleaning fluid to wash the dirt, grease, and grime off of parts and components.

"Using the Torrent reduces the chance of accidents in your facility by avoiding the use of flammable chemicals that are traditionally used for parts washing machines," explains Torrent Account Manager, Austin Bonner.

"Not only are the traditional chemicals harmful to use the fumes they create can also pose a harmful health risk. This also reduces your employee's exposure to harmful chemicals like brake cleaners and other high VOC aerosols."


For more information on our purchasing options, please contact Austin Bonner at (646) 352-3925 or call our customer service team at (800) 336-0450 or go to our website at