Application Guide

How a Heated Parts Washer Could Revolutionize Your Shop


We all know the role heat typically plays in getting things clean! 

Most chemicals reactions are more active in higher temperatures.

Virtually any cleaner, including detergent or hand soap, has a complex chemical makeup and works more diligently when aided by hot water. 

In many shops, heat does not play a significant role in the parts washing process.

Heat can end up being your enemy if you are using a solvent-based cleaning method. Many of the solvents used in typical sink-on-drum operation have a flashpoint of around 140 degrees.

This means that too much heat causes the solvent to ignite - which is not something you want to happen. 

The same way you use heat to clean items in your home, heat can also be used to benefit the cleaning process of dirty parts. With the combined effects of heat, water and a small amount of product, parts washing can be accomplished faster and more effectively.

The Torrent is designed specifically for hot, fast, effective parts cleaning while also protecting the operator for dangerous risks.

It cleans five times faster than the competition and utilizes an enclosed environment to make sure you get the job done right.