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What’s Better Than An Automatic Parts Washer?


The word "automatic" is golden in today's society. 

It means that something is getting done with minimal effort and with an expected outcome, often by a machine.

Our lives have been exponentially improved by everyday automation - from automatic garage door openers to automatic transmission in our cars. Advances in computer technology in recent years have only created more possibilities for automation at home and at work. 

Think about your dishwasher. It is hard to imagine anyone today who does not have one and uses it daily. You load it with all your plates, glasses and utensils, add soap, close the door, press a button and walk away. You return a few hours later to clean dishes with minimal effort.

It is a similar situation for those who use an automatic parts washer. They look at it as the ultimate time-saver. It can operate without you having to stand over it.

In fact, depending on the size of the machine and the type of parts being cleaned, it can likely clean several parts simultaneously. 

Is an automatic parts washer the best way to go? Consider these questions: 


1. How long is a key part unavailable to you? 

You are unable to use parts while they are being cleaned by your automatic parts washer - it could be 30 minutes or it could be an hour. You are going to need your parts cleaned as quickly as possible.

Traditional parts cleaning can delay a job and disrupt your workflow. It would be great if you can clean your parts quickly so you can return to working in minutes! 


2. Are your parts getting completely clean? 

Go back to your dishwasher at home. Every once in a while you pull out a plate or a glass that is still stained or smudged. The older the machine, the more it happens.

Your automatic parts washer is no different. It might get the job 90% done, but there is a good chance you will still need to do some touch-up work manually.

This sort of defeats the purpose of the "automatic" cleaning. 


3. Is there a better way to do it? 

The simple answer is yes, you can get the job done better and faster with the right machine.

Using the Partsmaster Torrent, you can clean one part in a minute or two. A load that could potentially take up to an hour in an automatic parts washer can be cleaned and ready for use in about 10 minutes using the Torrent.